Hardest hand in blackjack

Hardest hands in blackjack are those that lack an ace or have one that must be counted as one since otherwise, their sum would be greater than twenty-one. Since you have a very high possibility of busting with these hands, provided you hit, they are considered unfavourable and hazardous. For instance, you would have a hard fifteen if you were dealt a seven and an eight. Naturally, this doesnʼt apply to low-value hands with totals of 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8, as they may be readily improved and carry no risk. In fact, regardless of the dealers up card, it is always preferable to hit in certain circumstances.

Understanding Hard Hands

You should double down if your hand totals nine and the dealer’s up card is one of the numbers three, four, five, or six. It is best to try to increase your total by hitting the remaining situations. Unless the dealer’s up card is a 10 or an ace, you should always double down if you have a total of ten or eleven. It is recommended to hit if you have two cards totalling twelve, except the dealer’s up card is a four, five, or six in which case you should stand.
The same approach should be used for any sum that is more than or equal to seventeen: you should just stand. If the dealer presents a two, a three, a four, a five, or a six, it is better to stand on the other possible hard hands—hard thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen. If the dealer’s up card differs from yours, you must hit it in order to try to increase your total since the dealer is in a stronger position than you are.

Blackjack Hardest hand strategies

The success of the player’s hard hand blackjack approach, when faced with a challenging hand, again depends heavily on his grasp of basic strategy. Avoiding deviations from the basic technique is the best method to play a blackjack hard hand. The dealer is likely to have a 10 in the hole if a player has a weak hand. Assume that the dealer has a 20 if, for instance, he displays a 10 on his up card. Most of the time, winning the hand will depend on this estimation of the total. The player with a hard total will, however, must stand in this scenario and hope that the dealer busts if the dealer possesses a lesser card, such as a 6 or below. When playing a hard hand, a player should keep in mind that hitting hard totals of 14, 15, or 16 against the dealer’s 10 should not be hesitant. The sole alternative to surrendering, which is frequently prohibited, is hitting. The player needs to resist the urge to stand on these high totals. He must continue to strike the hand until it breaks or he turns 17. Example Example of a tough hand in blackjack: 5♦5♣

What in blackjack is a hard hand?

Result for a question regarding a tough hand in blackjack What in blackjack is a Hard Hand? In blackjack, there are two different kinds of hard hands: those without aces and those that have an ace. A hand is considered a hard hand if it contains an ace and the ace counts as one. You must abide by this rule to avoid the possibility of turning 21. The hand is difficult,
for instance, if you hold a 10, a 3, and an ace.


What makes the Labouchere betting system Blackjack special?

For starters, betting systems can either be Positive Progression or Negative Progression, but the Labouchere system, when not considered to be Negative-Progression may be classed as Pseudo-Negative.

Myth 1:

What NO betting system (including the Labouchere Betting System Blackjack) can do for you is increase your chances of winning.

Labouchere gambling system can only guarantee a greater risk of odds should you run a stream of losses. When the critical point is reached where the capital amount is exceeded, you stand to lose all you staked in the bet.

Myth 2:

You can bet a randomized predetermined stake with the initial probability of winning to losing as 50/50 in the Labouchere System.

After deciding on your starting amount in a Labouchere betting game, your chances of gaining payouts to losing odds start at a 1:1 ratio. This is what makes it a zero-sum betting system.

However, it has been shown graphically that the more the bets cast, the more the sequence of Labouchere systems approaches zero.

How does the Labouchere betting system work?

The basic setting of the system can be laid out in these steps:

  • Decide on your desired amount to profit. This is the Profit you want to earn after playing several bets or rounds. It is gained on top of the Capital you invested. E.g. $100.
  • Create a random sequence (E.g. R) or consecutive series (E.g. C) of integers (positive numbers) and list them.

E.g. Series R { R1, R2, R3, R4 } → { 6, 2, 4, 7 }
E.g. Series C { C8, C9, C10 } → { 3, 5, 7, 8 }
E.g. X1, X2, X3, … , Xn

  • The sum of the series terms (step 2) should be equal to the desired amount to profit (step 1).

E.g. SUM (R1, R2, R3, R4) = $100.
E.g. $100 = M8 + M9 + M10

  • The possible outcomes from betting with the Labouchere system include

Profit that is equal to the sum of the initial series.
E.g. (for Series S) → S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 + … + Sn
Loss of all the initial capital
E.g. (for Series S) → S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 = $0.

  • Placing the stakes for each round of betting will use the form:

E.g. R for Round 1, R1 → S1 + Sn

  • For every Winning Round: The sum of the First Term and Last Term is reduced from the list of Terms in the series.

E.g. for Winning Round 1, WR1 → { (S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 + … + Sn) – (S1 + Sn) }
Therefore, after wR1, Next Round nWR1 → { S2 +S3 + S4 + … }

  • For every Losing Round: The sum of the First Term and Last Term is added to the list of Terms in the series as the New Last Term.

E.g. for Losing Round 1, LR1 → { (S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 + … + Sn + (S1 + Sn) }
Therefore, after LR1, Next Round nLR1 → { S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 + … + (S1+Sn) }

  • For every winning streak, 2 Terms are removed from the first and last item in the List.
  • For every losing streak, 1 Term is added to the end of the List.
RoundSequence Stake Win/LoseProfit 
R4  5,4,7,5,1,49W8
R5      4,7,5,15L3
R6      4,7,5,1,59W12
R7        7,5,1 8L4
R8        7,5,1,8 15 -11
R9        7,5,1,8,15 22 1111
R10            5,1,8 13 W24
R11              1 25

Table: Labouchere Betting System: Where Profit (S) = $25 → S { 3,5,4,7,5,1 } = $25

Blackjack Labouchere is NO Debauchery…

Applied not only in Blackjack and other games like Roulette, Head-Tail Coin Flips, Online Casino, Labouchere betting is a unique system of Probability. It was first employed in Economics, Sociology as early as the 18th century. Though it is a rarity for a gambler to consistently follow through any one particular betting system, the Labouchere betting system Blackjack offers a methodology to play through the closest bet to your desired payout.


What is a monkey in blackjack?

What is the greatest strategy for blackjack success?
The first card you receive will often give you a clear indication of your odds of winning this
game: If you acquire an Ace, you can win the game with just one more card. The name of that one card is “monkey” dear reader.

A “blackjack monkey” is any card that strengthens or enhances your hand. Therefore, if you hear someone shouting “monkey!” at a casino, that person is expecting to win the round with the upcoming card. Although he or she hasn’t yet won the game, the subsequent card may. The phrase “monkey this up” may be translated as “dear dealer, please give me a card that will let me win the game” if you are wondering what it means.

Where did the term “blackjack monkey” originate

There are two possibilities about the origin of the monkey connotation, but nobody knows for sure.

The faces of the cards are based on “monarchy” emblems, such as kings and queens. Asian players have trouble pronouncing the term “monarchy,” and when they do, it sounds like “monkey.” According to this hypothesis, an Asian player is attempting to communicate, “I have an Ace in my hand, so give me a monkey (monarchy – face card) next so I can win the game.” Ace + face card is a combination that allows you to win the game quickly. This hypothesis also clarifies the reason why Asians shout “monkey”. This phrase is allegedly a mispronunciation of the word “money,” according to another Asian monkey idea. Alternatively said, Asian players really say “give me the money (the card that would let me to win the game),” but because of the way they pronounce it, it sounds like “monkey.” Which of these hypotheses is true is unknown. But donʼt worry too much about the term etymology;
simply be aware of what it signifies.

The most popular use of this phrase is in blackjack, but it also appears in other casino games, including poker and baccarat.

The same idea is meant by “baccarat monkey”: A “prayer” that you will get the second card to win the game. There are several nations where the term “monkey poker” refers to a 500 USD wager.

Blackjack jargon and expressions

There are several additional slang terms used in this game in addition to the blackjack monkey.
Here are a few instances:

King Kong simply refers to getting a blackjack with the first two cards, which you may deduce if you know the greatest blackjack hands.

A 10-point card is called a “Paint” (10 and faced cards). The 10-point cards are listed in this way in a few advanced blackjack strategies, and blackjack bankroll management.

Contrary to common misconception, the phrase “cold deck” does not refer to the number of decks used in blackjack games. Simply said, it indicates that the player has a lot of “losing” cards in the deck.

FAQs on the blackjack monkey

How can I play blackjack while using the phrase “monkey” without offending anyone?

Simply refrain from using this phrase if you are concerned that it could be seen as racist. The term “blackjack monkey” is occasionally used by ecstatic players, but it is not necessary for interacting with the dealer.

Can I employ the monkey in blackjack while using face cards

You already know face cards are worth 10 points if you read our free bet blackjack entire tutorial or look at our blackjack cheat sheet. Therefore, if your opening card is an Ace, you may also use it for face cards.

Do Asians really use the term “blackjack monkey” the most frequently?

Asian players tend to be more animated and verbally communicative, therefore this hypothesis may hold true. We advise you to quit spending time on stuff like this and pay attention to more crucial matters, like what is surrender in blackjack.


Blackjack: How to use the 1-3-2-5 gambling system

Are you tired of sticking at Blackjack every single round? Well, we bring you the 1-3-2-5 gambling system, which will allow you to reach the highest level of the game, and earn more often while at it.

Blackjack is one of those games that could be found in every casino worldwide. Equally known as Twenty-One, the game has become increasingly popular in any American and Canadian gambling house. The rules are pretty much simple, as there is the intention to be directed to expect a player to deliver an opportunity for a high strategy.

With a strategy purpose, the gamers have to nail each strategy to win the Twenty-One. Taking all of the above into account, the 1-3-2-5 gambling system has become pretty popular in the Blackjack community.

Meeting how the 1-3-2-5 system works

You might have started this topic by asking: What does the blackjack betting strategy 1-3-2-5 work? The answer is easy and can be found anywhere. But, in response to your question, the 1-3-2-5 is a simple progressive betting system. It means as long as you keep winning your best sizes go in this progression: 1-3-2-5.

Thereby, it tends to amplify victories on a good form, but the bad news is that it might increase losses. This gambling tactic is based on mathematics. However, that system should not dupe you into thinking only as a mathematical person, as it is suitable for beginners as well. To have the best play, you only have to repeat unit 1,2,3,5 in every round as long as you win. This system will demand you to wager one unit for the first bet and three units for the next bet.

According to the best gamblers, you can play blackjack in online casinos via this method.

Example using a 1-3-2-5 Betting System

Using the 1-3-2-5 staking plan might increase a winning blackjacking hand. Let’s take a closer look using an example.

Imagine you have a starting bet of 2 dollars, and you win firsthand, giving you 4 dollars in the bankrolls. You are instigating the first part of the whole 1-3-2-5 system. On the second hand, the system requires you to play 3×2, which is 6 dollars. Also, if you get another win, your third and fourth wagers must be 12 dollars, and 72 dollars in a row.

On the other hand, if you lose that betting on the third unit, which is 6 dollars, you will stop the betting cycle and stake to the initial wager.

Advantages and downsides of the 1-3-2-5 system

Each strategy has its pros and cons, and the 1-3-2-5 system is not any different. With that in mind, we picked three advantages, and two downsides, as you can check below:


  • Easy to be played as such as an expert gambler, and as a beginner as well.
  • Can make you highly increase your betting
  • In the Reverse Martingale, a doubling of the stake after a win can see your profits soar.


  • After a loss, your bets are reset, and you have to play all over again.
  • Staking plans in all casino games aren’t foolproof.

Tips to use the 1-2-3-5 system on Blackjack games

The benefit of the 1-3-2-5 method is that you can apply it to the Blackjack games in every online casino. However, it is important to stick each bet to even money.

In other words, blackjack betting strategy 1-2-3-5 is perfectly suitable to start your journey as a Blackjack gambler. Summing up to take and be well rewarded, but, consequently, you always have a risk of losing everything in the next rounds.


How does a split work in blackjack?

When it comes to blackjack, split pairs are a potentially successful move that is often abused. And for good reason, because this combination is both profitable and lucrative. However, have you ever wondered if a split is optimal in a particular situation or if it’s worth doing at all? Let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at how does a split work in blackjack and when it is appropriate.

The concept of a split in blackjack

Split in Blackjack is the division of two identical cards received by the player from the dealer. The rules of the game mean that the dealer deals two cards to his opponent, after which he can play for two bets and accordingly get more winnings.

Many players take advantage of this when they have a pair of identical cards on the same hand in their first deal. This split requires doubling your initial bet as if you were originally playing two hands at once against the same dealer. Split can only be used at the very beginning of the game after the first hand of cards. You won’t have that option in a future round. For example, you will no longer be able to draw a third card and then ask to use split and split the cards into two hands.

Varieties of split applications in blackjack

Blackjack has several varieties, with each casino having unique differences, although the basic rules always remain the same. We’ve put together for you the most common variations of how does a split work in blackjack, and its applications, which are most commonly found in casinos, both real and online.

1. Separation of two tens
All face cards are valued at 10 points in blackjack, just like the 10 card itself. Most online casinos allow you to split these cards when they are dealt to you on your first hand. But in other casinos you’ll only be able to split these cards if they’re dealt to you as cards of an identical value only. For example, you might be able to split a pair of queens, but you can’t split a king and a ten.

2. Resplit
This is what they call a re-division. Let’s say you had two eights on your first hand. You asked to split them into two hands, and you get a third eight when the dealer deals further cards. You have the right to ask for a split. So you have the option to split the second pair of eights into a third hand. So you’ll already have three hands, and that means three chances to win. But you don’t need to double the bet, you need to triple it. Some casinos have limitations on the number of replicates, so read the rules carefully, so you will not be surprised. Remember, you always need to add your original bet when new hands appear.

3. Additional card after ace split

In almost all casinos, you need to split them into two hands after you get two aces. But after that, you are allowed to take only one card for each hand. In some gambling establishments, this restriction is removed, and you can continue playing without any limitations.