What is a monkey in blackjack?

What is the greatest strategy for blackjack success?
The first card you receive will often give you a clear indication of your odds of winning this
game: If you acquire an Ace, you can win the game with just one more card. The name of that one card is “monkey” dear reader.

A “blackjack monkey” is any card that strengthens or enhances your hand. Therefore, if you hear someone shouting “monkey!” at a casino, that person is expecting to win the round with the upcoming card. Although he or she hasn’t yet won the game, the subsequent card may. The phrase “monkey this up” may be translated as “dear dealer, please give me a card that will let me win the game” if you are wondering what it means.

Where did the term “blackjack monkey” originate

There are two possibilities about the origin of the monkey connotation, but nobody knows for sure.

The faces of the cards are based on “monarchy” emblems, such as kings and queens. Asian players have trouble pronouncing the term “monarchy,” and when they do, it sounds like “monkey.” According to this hypothesis, an Asian player is attempting to communicate, “I have an Ace in my hand, so give me a monkey (monarchy – face card) next so I can win the game.” Ace + face card is a combination that allows you to win the game quickly. This hypothesis also clarifies the reason why Asians shout “monkey”. This phrase is allegedly a mispronunciation of the word “money,” according to another Asian monkey idea. Alternatively said, Asian players really say “give me the money (the card that would let me to win the game),” but because of the way they pronounce it, it sounds like “monkey.” Which of these hypotheses is true is unknown. But donʼt worry too much about the term etymology;
simply be aware of what it signifies.

The most popular use of this phrase is in blackjack, but it also appears in other casino games, including poker and baccarat.

The same idea is meant by “baccarat monkey”: A “prayer” that you will get the second card to win the game. There are several nations where the term “monkey poker” refers to a 500 USD wager.

Blackjack jargon and expressions

There are several additional slang terms used in this game in addition to the blackjack monkey.
Here are a few instances:

King Kong simply refers to getting a blackjack with the first two cards, which you may deduce if you know the greatest blackjack hands.

A 10-point card is called a “Paint” (10 and faced cards). The 10-point cards are listed in this way in a few advanced blackjack strategies, and blackjack bankroll management.

Contrary to common misconception, the phrase “cold deck” does not refer to the number of decks used in blackjack games. Simply said, it indicates that the player has a lot of “losing” cards in the deck.

FAQs on the blackjack monkey

How can I play blackjack while using the phrase “monkey” without offending anyone?

Simply refrain from using this phrase if you are concerned that it could be seen as racist. The term “blackjack monkey” is occasionally used by ecstatic players, but it is not necessary for interacting with the dealer.

Can I employ the monkey in blackjack while using face cards

You already know face cards are worth 10 points if you read our free bet blackjack entire tutorial or look at our blackjack cheat sheet. Therefore, if your opening card is an Ace, you may also use it for face cards.

Do Asians really use the term “blackjack monkey” the most frequently?

Asian players tend to be more animated and verbally communicative, therefore this hypothesis may hold true. We advise you to quit spending time on stuff like this and pay attention to more crucial matters, like what is surrender in blackjack.

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