What makes the Labouchere betting system Blackjack special?

For starters, betting systems can either be Positive Progression or Negative Progression, but the Labouchere system, when not considered to be Negative-Progression may be classed as Pseudo-Negative.

Myth 1:

What NO betting system (including the Labouchere Betting System Blackjack) can do for you is increase your chances of winning.

Labouchere gambling system can only guarantee a greater risk of odds should you run a stream of losses. When the critical point is reached where the capital amount is exceeded, you stand to lose all you staked in the bet.

Myth 2:

You can bet a randomized predetermined stake with the initial probability of winning to losing as 50/50 in the Labouchere System.

After deciding on your starting amount in a Labouchere betting game, your chances of gaining payouts to losing odds start at a 1:1 ratio. This is what makes it a zero-sum betting system.

However, it has been shown graphically that the more the bets cast, the more the sequence of Labouchere systems approaches zero.

How does the Labouchere betting system work?

The basic setting of the system can be laid out in these steps:

  • Decide on your desired amount to profit. This is the Profit you want to earn after playing several bets or rounds. It is gained on top of the Capital you invested. E.g. $100.
  • Create a random sequence (E.g. R) or consecutive series (E.g. C) of integers (positive numbers) and list them.

E.g. Series R { R1, R2, R3, R4 } → { 6, 2, 4, 7 }
E.g. Series C { C8, C9, C10 } → { 3, 5, 7, 8 }
E.g. X1, X2, X3, … , Xn

  • The sum of the series terms (step 2) should be equal to the desired amount to profit (step 1).

E.g. SUM (R1, R2, R3, R4) = $100.
E.g. $100 = M8 + M9 + M10

  • The possible outcomes from betting with the Labouchere system include

Profit that is equal to the sum of the initial series.
E.g. (for Series S) → S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 + … + Sn
Loss of all the initial capital
E.g. (for Series S) → S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 = $0.

  • Placing the stakes for each round of betting will use the form:

E.g. R for Round 1, R1 → S1 + Sn

  • For every Winning Round: The sum of the First Term and Last Term is reduced from the list of Terms in the series.

E.g. for Winning Round 1, WR1 → { (S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 + … + Sn) – (S1 + Sn) }
Therefore, after wR1, Next Round nWR1 → { S2 +S3 + S4 + … }

  • For every Losing Round: The sum of the First Term and Last Term is added to the list of Terms in the series as the New Last Term.

E.g. for Losing Round 1, LR1 → { (S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 + … + Sn + (S1 + Sn) }
Therefore, after LR1, Next Round nLR1 → { S1 + S2 +S3 + S4 + … + (S1+Sn) }

  • For every winning streak, 2 Terms are removed from the first and last item in the List.
  • For every losing streak, 1 Term is added to the end of the List.
RoundSequence Stake Win/LoseProfit 
R4  5,4,7,5,1,49W8
R5      4,7,5,15L3
R6      4,7,5,1,59W12
R7        7,5,1 8L4
R8        7,5,1,8 15 -11
R9        7,5,1,8,15 22 1111
R10            5,1,8 13 W24
R11              1 25

Table: Labouchere Betting System: Where Profit (S) = $25 → S { 3,5,4,7,5,1 } = $25

Blackjack Labouchere is NO Debauchery…

Applied not only in Blackjack and other games like Roulette, Head-Tail Coin Flips, Online Casino, Labouchere betting is a unique system of Probability. It was first employed in Economics, Sociology as early as the 18th century. Though it is a rarity for a gambler to consistently follow through any one particular betting system, the Labouchere betting system Blackjack offers a methodology to play through the closest bet to your desired payout.

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